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By submitting above you agree to allow the Gutierrez Law Firm to defend you in the case against you brought by the city of San Antonio, or other governmental entity.  You further acknowledge by checking below that you herein empower the Gutierrez Law Firm to enter into negotiations on your behalf with the city of San Antonio, to enter into plea of no contest in order to receive deferred adjudication or dismissal of your case when available.  You further acknowledge that the fee charged to your case represents fines and attorney fees.

Should this case be pled for an amount less than the face value of the ticket, or should this case be dismissed entirely, any deductions below the face value shall be added to attorney’s fees and construed in total as attorney’s fees, and no money shall be refunded as a result of said reduction.

Additionally, you further agree that once you receive the  terms of probation or deferred adjudication from this office any obligation to comply with the terms of probation or deferred adjudication are solely your responsibility and this office’s obligation is considered over upon delivery of terms of probation.  Should the city of San Antonio as a term of probation or deferred adjudication require that you tender proof of continued financial responsibility (insurance), it is your sole responsibility to send said proof to the city of San Antonio of said proof of insurance, failure to do so may result in a fine or warrant for your arrest.

You further understand that ticket disposition as defined herein suggests, dismissal in some cases, or a plea bargain for deferred adjudication, which does not result in a final conviction and does not have negative repercussions on your driving record.  If this office is unable to achieve dismissal or deferred adjudication, we will inform you in advance and give you a full refund, unless you agree otherwise and ask us to proceed with your case with a guilty plea, which could have a negative impact on your driving record.

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